Incoming Students

he procedures of acceptance for incoming students are managed and administrated by the Erasmus Office of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania and are planned depending on the bilateral agreements, according to the rules and deadlines of the Erasmus plan. The Erasmus students acknowledged to attend a period of studies in our Academy are duty-free. Students, who want to submit their candidature, have to send, by their home institutions and erasmus coordinators, the Application form together with a student’s portfolio and a motivation letter . If they are accepted to study to our Institution they have to send the Learning agreement.

Step One: Contact your home university’s International Relations Officer

If you are interested in studying and living at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and you wish to spend a semester or two as an exchange student, firstly you should contact the Erasmus Coordinator or International Relations Officer at your home institution. If there is a bilateral agreement under the Erasmus Programme signed between your home university and Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and you are chosen as an exchange student, get in touch with our International Relations Officer . The sooner the better.
Step Two: Send application documents
We advise all Erasmus exchange students to print out and fill in the following documents (available on-line):
Application Form
Learning Agreement
and return them stamped and signed– together with confirmation by the Erasmus Coordinator at your home institution and with an accompanying letter – by post to our address:
• Prof Licia Dimino
Ufficio Erasmus
Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania
Via del Bosco 34/a
95125 Catania
Kindly note that all documents must be sent before the deadlines listed below.
30 June for the winter semester
30 November for the summer semester
If you need help choosing subjects when filling in your Learning Agreement, the Contact Person will be able to assist you., when you’ll arrive in Catania.
Step Three: Wait for your Letter of Acceptance
You will receive an official Letter of Acceptance and will be provided with all other relevant information.
Step Four: The big day – your arrival in Catania
It is absolutely essential that you inform the International Relations Officer in advance about your exact arrival time in Catania. On your day of arrival you have to go to Erasmus office in Via del Bosco 34/a at Barriera site and register.
You will be required to submit the following documents:
• your home country ID card or passport
•2 passport photos
The Staff will provide you with further instructions on how to get a Student Identification Card, access to the University Library, dining halls and computer rooms.
Step Five: Finalise your choice of courses
After your arrival in Catania and registration, you will have to finalise your choice of courses so that they correspond to your background, needs and interests. You will also need to draw up your own timetable, however you will be given a helping hand by the student representatives and departamental coordinators. The timetable of all courses will be available via the internet website

A course of italian language is foreseen for incoming students.
In Catania, the cost of the life is middly inferior in comparison to other Italian cities as Milan or Rome. Numerous lodgings in sharing or in individual lease reserved to students are available, with prices that oscillate among 150 euro / month for a place bed to 500 euro for a whole apartment in lease. In Catania there are youth hostels and numerous economic hotels. A meal coasts a minimum of 8-10 euro in many places that offer fixed prices menù, up to 40 euro and further in the best restaurants. Academy of Fine Arts in Catania is not endowed with particular infrastructures as campus, lodgings for the students or cafeterias. However the students of the Academy, inclusive naturally Erasmus students, can profit however of all the services and the facilitations offered by the ERSU Catania, the Regional corporate body for the Right of the University Study and they have the right to require: the refectory card to consume low cost meals in the university cafeterias and the settled structures; cultural activities subscriptions and theatrical programs with facilitated prices; services of orientation; didactic services and special (if available) courses. Detailed information (in Italian) in the website Who is interested to reside a few days in a youth hostel, with prices around the 20 euro/night, can get information and book on the website, indicating Catania as the city of interest. Among the available hostels, the AGORA HOSTEL, CATANIA CITY CENTER and POLITI RESIDENCE. Other information on the city of Catania can be acquired on the web site: ,
For further information:
ERASMUS Belle Arti Catania

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